Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Molana Persian Restaurant

I heard about Molana Persian Restaurant from the first day I'd entered Boston, but I was never there till last night. Thanks to Tony, my roommate at Somerville, last night we attended to Molana Restaurant.
At first, every thing was a bit disquieting to me, because The miniature painting on the wall and me myself, were the only Persian things there! Most of decorations, live music (with guitar), all the people (except me), and drinks was non-Persian, however, after they serve the food, I found out how much I missed taste of Persian (Iranian) food.

Molana Persian Restaurant, upstair

Yes, the dinner was good. At first the waiter told me that they do not serve any Halal meat. So I ordered "Mirsa-qasemi" without any meat. But then he came back to me with good news: they had some kind of Kabab with Halal lamb meat. And, honestly, it was good. I suggested Tony to order "Chelow kabab Soltani" and he did (I wish he liked it).

Tony and me in Molana Restaurant
As much as the food was delicious, the decoration was distracting. As a Persian restaurant, I expected some comfortable sitting benches (beds) with Persian (or at least cheap Pakistanian) carpets on them. And also the worst thing you can imagine in a Persian restaurant is a bar!

5-6 friends of Tony were there, they were really nice and funny. Tony, can you please help me put their name here?

In conclusion, if you are at Boston area and want to eat good Persian food, go directly to Molana [5 Spring St, Watertown, MA 02141, (617) 923-2554] but do not expect a Persian traditional restaurant environment.

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