Monday, December 28, 2009

What is always cool in the mornings?

What is always cool in the mornings? Morning Running.
Yep, it is always and anywhere is good, making human feel fresh and fule us for the rest of day. Material you need are only: 1- Appropriate cloths, 2- Running shoe, and 3- a good Park or Street.
OK, I had a good sport cloths, and the Commonwhealth st is just a block forward. So all I needed was a paid of running shoes. After two days searching for an appropriate paid of running shoes, I found out:
1- “adidas” is for rich guys!
2- So “Nike”!
3- So almost “reebok”!
Finally, last night I bought “Cartilage” from Marshalls for $30. Of course it was not as good as adidas, but not bad to morning running for a while.
Anyway, it was good experience running along Commonwhealth st this morning, however, I was not too strong to run more than 15 minutes. If you try it once, you cannot avoid the appetite to do it every day morning.

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